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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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and run crash that devastated multiple bay area families next. iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 11:00 p.m. a weekend of grieving for bay area family devastated by a deadly hit and run. an update on the mother who lost two children and the charges filed against the driver. i am juliette goodrich. >> i am brian hackney.
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the man accused of causing the accident is now under arrest. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us, he was driving on a suspended license. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she is the neighbor and they used to work together. >> i am worried. i -- i don't know. i don't know. >> cried a lot. >> i feel bad. >> reporter: she is saddened that the mother of three is hospitalized from a hit and run crash friday night that two of her children 5 and 10 were killed after being ejected from the car and her baby is clinging to life at ucsf hospital oakland. the driver of the car ran from the scene of the crash. the chp announced lemuel sirvonn wilson turned himself in. the chp named wilson as a person of interest but now they are saying he is the suspect in the hit and run and faces
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felony charges. among the charges homicide, hit and run and driving on a suspended license causing injury. >> there is three children involve. i was close to two of them. for this to happen just crushes your world. >> reporter: lawrence rothenberg is the father of the five-year-old. he helped raise the older child as well. >> i just feel like my world is over. because i work hard in life for him. and it is not for me. if it is me i could care less. everything i work for -- what am i working for? >> go fund me account has been set up to help the family. they have been holding vigilant hoping the baby will pull through. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the child is in grave condition tonight. the 35-year-old mother is in critical condition with next injuries. we have breaking news from
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fremont to tell you about. a police stand off underway right now after a stabbing around 9:00 p.m. tonight at a home on cleveland place. police say the suspect was involved in a confrontation with a neighbor and stabbed him in the hand. the suspect is now refusing to surunder but officers have the home surrounded. home, illegal fireworks might explode without being lit. a recall has been issued for the fireworks told under tnt. they can unexpectedly explode. fire departments are trying to get the word out before people light them up on the 4th. >> if somebody thinks they have something that is bogus call 911. fire department will pick it up. >> this week the sheriff's office seized 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks. and three people have already been reported hurt.
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trying to get the message out in san jose, handing out thousands of lawn signs and the message is to remind people that fireworks are illegal in the city. kpix 5's kiet do shows us, you can now report people who are shooting them off anonymously. >> reporter: illegal fireworks are as bad as they have ever been in san jose and now the city is fighting fire with words. >> something our society needs more than ever. thinking about how what you do effects another person. >> the city is handing out 3,000 signs that say all fireworks are illegal. the top line reads respect your neighbors, veterans and pets. the city cannot police its way out of the problem so a sign might provide the right blend. >> this comes down to respect. so with neighbors saying to neighbors please respect us, we need quiet.
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this is not a small town with vast amounts of open space. we are in the middle of a big city. >> the illegal fireworks were incredibly bad. we thought we were in a war zone. >> the problem is bad in downtown san jose where the fireworks are heard year round for days at a time. they put opsign and -- up a sign and throughout the neighborhood. >> it will take a while. it is a push. i think it will take a while. we have to start somewhere. >> reporter: seems neighbors are getting fed up. last year the city got 600 fireworks complaints through an app that allows for mobile reporting. the city has already received well over 100 complaints this year. >> i think it will take diligence about people calling in and the police responding. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. as of yesterday prop 56 went into effect to hike the tax rate on cigarettes.
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kpix 5's betty yu talked to one smoke shop owner who said it could put shops out of business. >> reporter: as of july 1 tax rates on tobacco projects other than cigarettes went up 40%. one shop owner tells us he does not want to see the increase. >> a lot of business is going to go out. >> reporter: he has been managing the smoke shop for the last 5 years. he believes the latest california tax hike to hit products including ecigarettes, cigar, tobacco, doesn't mean more business because the increase will carry over to customers. >> a lot of people nowadays is going to go online. so the tax won't really work. >> reporter: taxes rose from 27 to 65% after the passage of
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prop 56 in november. >> not really fair. i mean, we are trying to get people off of cigarettes that cause cancer and give them a safer alternative. >> reporter: he uses vapes as an alternative to cigarettes. as to whether it will change his buying habits? >> 40% is a steep -- that is steep. i have to think about that. >> for some customers it is too early to see if it will help them kick the habit. >> i get the point. trying to dissuade people from smoking. you know what i mean? >> reporter: will it stop you? >> perhaps. probably not, though. >> reporter: back in april taxes on cigarettes rose by $2 a pack. doubling the 87-cent tax. the money is earmarked for expanding access to medi-cal. the health plan for people with low income. in san francisco, betty yu,
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kpix 5. another news. people marched in san francisco and around the nation calling on congress to impeach president trump. hundreds rallied. the demonstration was peaceful. police officers did keep an eye. protesters carried signs suggesting president trump is unfit for office. >> we don't respect someone who has to bullying other people in order to boost himself up. we feel hike our representatives -- like our representatives, we are just dealing with our representatives. >> protesters criticized the travel ban that went into effect last thursday against people from six predominantly muslim countries. similar marches happened in dozens of u.s. cities. some accuse the president of obstruction of justice and violating the constitution. president trump ended sunday with tweets. one in particular targeted the
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dishonest media. this comes after tweeting a video this morning slamming cnn. >> reporter: president trump continued his war on the media sunday tweeting a mock video targeting cnn. the original video is from when the -- shows him wrestling to the ground. the video comes on the heels of a tweet storm. supporters say the president has a right to defend himself when he feels he is being attacked. >> expressing himself. i think that is why he was elected. >> reporter: cnn called the tweet juvenile and said it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. the president's tweet came as the sunday morning news shows were prepared to discuss the gop healthcare battle.
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republicans are split on whether they can repeal and replace obama care or repeal now and work on a replacement later this summer. >> sometimes when you lump too many things in you doom its likelihood of success. >> reporter: a white house aid said the president is trying to reach an agreement. cbs news, new york. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a change tonight regarding the ban on laptops on flights from had middle east to the u.s. people traveling from can now bring them on planes. that was announced today after obey dubey beefed up security. . style come this sand witch it is not kfc but another company reaping benefits off
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this ad. >> a lot of respect. >> the new healthcare idea being pushed by president trump to repeal and replace obama care in two steps. >> also ad the baby humpback whale showing human emotions. why experts say it was having a temper tantm in response to its mom. >> and peaking above the fog tonight. if it looks "like" this on the 4 4th of july what then? the forecast for you coming up in a minute.
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train failed. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. four amtrak cars derailed south of seattle this afternoon. headed from vancouver to oregon when it jumped off the tracks. 250 people were on board but only a few people had minor injuries. trying to figure out what happened. the president is pushing a new idea, get more support to repeal and replace obama care. why not repeep it now and replace it later -- repeal it now and replace it later. >> reporter: one thing many republicans were hoping to celebrate ahead of the 4th of july holiday was a vote on the gop bill. >> i don't think we are getting anywhere. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was forced to delay the vote after the congressional budget office said 22 million more americans would be uninsured under the
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gop plan. that made constituents furious. >> kicking them off healthcare -- [ indiscernible talking ] >> reporter: president trump tweeted friday if republicans were unable to pass the bill they should immediately repeal obama care and replace it later. trump's new -- president trump's new proach was drafted by a senator of november. -- approach was drafted by a senator from november. >> we should do repeal with a delay. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell responded by saying the senate will continue a pursue a joint repeal and replace it affordable care act and stick with that attack. rand paul is against the current gop plan. but he says breaking it up could work. >> i want repeal to work. you separate it into two bills. >> reporter: bernie sanders says that could leave 30 million americans without coverage. >> i have a lot of respect for
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him but the idea is absurd. >> republicans will need support from 50 of their 52 members. one army veteran is on a cross country mission to raise awareness about ptsd. kpix 5's simon perez caught up with him in san francisco. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: eli smith looks like a tourist but he doesn't know the people he takes selfie with. they are just random people he meets on the way. he sold everything he owns to take this trip. >> pickup truck, dishes. everything. i lost a couple friends that i served with to ptsd and suicide. and it effected me pretty bad. i wanted to do something about it. >> reporter: in all it will be a 13,000-mile trip over four years, all on foot. he started in november in
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florida and is hiking the country clock wise. >> 3,000 miles so far. >> reporter: shoes, socks? >> my shoes are nothing special. just average $50 pair of shoes. >> reporter: it is not easy crossing from one state to another. in places where he could see the horizon and places where he couldn't. >> there was a kidnapping attempt, rattlesnakes. heat stroke. nothing compared to what some of the veterans with ptsd go through every day. >> reporter: he broadcast through facebook live. >> walk here down to union square. >> those who hear his message -- >> people care about you and want to help you. >> reporter: are drawn to him. >> most of the vest that commit suicide today are from the vietnam era. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> reporter: 3,000 miles down, 10,000 to go. in san francisco, simon perez,
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kpix 5. >> you can follow his travels on his facebook page. we have a link on you will see a lot of chalk tonight along one of the main drags in danville. kpix 5's john ramos shows us how people are already staking out their spots for the 4th of july parade. >> reporter: danville has itshare of problems. most first world. biker gangs wear spandex. but at one particular time of year -- >> sometimes it gets crazy. [ music ] >> reporter: danville hosts one of the most popular 4th of july parades in the bay area and it has become a tradition for local families. >> people have their same space year after year -- spots year after year. >> reporter: people started taping off spots days in
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advance till authorities put a stop to it. >> that started a few years ago, the chalk. i think it is a good idea. >> reporter: but the city thinks it is a bad idea. they banned the clock. saying washing it off is expensive and violates guidelines. >> how bad could it be? >> ridiculous. >> reporter: but he thinks there is another reason for the chalk ban. he says he has seen a few fights break out when somebody didn't respect somebody else's line. >> who follows the rules? that is why the fights start. it is, like, the chalk has no jurisdiction but somebody will say i put chalk there, this is my spot. >> reporter: the battle lines are already being drawn. smiths trying to keep up with the joneses. so when the big day arrives
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they can all celebrate living in this united country. john ramos, kpix 5. >> the city says chairs can be positioned starting tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. till then anything left on the sidewalks will be removed. you can see the parade but will you be able to see the fireworks on tuesday night? away from the shoreline no problem. close to the coast, fog will be effecting the display in san francisco. inland mid-80s by tuesday afternoon. coastal clouds, seasonal inland. you can see the fog reflecting off the cameras. can't see much tonight. 62 degrees concord. oakland 59. livermore 61. san francisco right now, cloudy skies, 54 degrees. cooler as the high pressure relaxes a touch. nothing big. but just a notch or two cooler tomorrow. monday low clouds. there is fog out there. temperature comes down a few degrees.
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later in the week it begins to warm up. a foggy 4th of july at the shoreline. over night lows tonight, napa 55 degrees. livermore the same. san jose 58. oakland over night lows 57 degrees. and here is how it looks tomorrow. numbers lower than average for this time of year. san francisco should be 67. it will be 65. also 2 degrees back of average is concord, 83. san jose 80. oakland 70 degrees. south bay, clouds to start out but by 9:00 p.m. sunshine and afternoon highs 63 campbell. cupertino 82 degrees. east bay numbers mostly in the low to middle 80s. brentwood warmer. north of bay clouds along the shoreline. 76 at the civic center and 78 novato. 83 petaluma. lake county 95. lake port and cloverdale 89
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degrees. ex-extended forecast warm inland. cool along the coast line. 90 by saturday and sunday. that is what is ahead in weather. >> thank you. up next a new way to get around in big sur and the new trail opened to everyone. not just locals. plus the new video that proves it is not easy being a mom, even for humpback whales, what this one did to make her baby upset. >> still ahead, half hour of game day. >> warriors draymond green had a lot to say to me. and a farewell tour of iconic bay area sports writer comes through our studios. you stick around on game day after the news. ♪
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. gump is closed over transparency and accountability fight. i am at a loss. >> holiday plans spoiled in new jersey because lawmakers couldn't pass a budget by july 1. one of 9 states that couldn't get one pass. new jersey had to shut down state beaches and parks for the busy holiday. >> it is a holiday weekend.
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what about the kids who paid to rent to have a barbecue here? >> makes you think the whole system a joke. >> the budget blunder is only impacting new jersey parks and beaches. shuttles are running to big sur to reconnect areas effected by the wet weather. >> a lot of places effected. part of the town cut off after rains took out a bridge and then the huge mudslide that covered highway 1. that is still closed but shops and hotels and restaurants are hoping the new shuttle service that started yesterday will help them recover from a drop in business. >> i think it is roley a unique opportunity. people will be able to come to see big sur without very much traffic at all by vehicle. really quiet. beautiful. >> there will be two shuttle lines. one runs south. the other runs north.
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a new trail that by-passes the bridge also open to the public yesterday. previously that was available only to locals. upneck the chicken sandwich that is getting ready to start its journey back to urg. -- back to earth.
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floating about 80- thousand feet above our heads right now. no joke. did you know there is a chicken sandwich 80,000 feet above our heads right now?
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no joke. kfc sent it to the atmosphere in a high attitude balloon. the company thought it was a greatioid since they foot -- great idea since they footed the bill. it will come down sometime tomorrow. we will keep you posted. also new video shows a baby humpback whale in southern california throwing a temper tandroom. you can see mom and the -- tantrum. you can see mom and the baby. the baby slams down its mother's back. the baby had been trying to feed which mom refused which got him hungry and angry. >> we will be right back. alpine spring water have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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